The Fly Screen Accessories and Fly Screen Spare Parts We Carry

Because we are a fully mobile on site fly screen repair service, we have to come up with many fly screen solutions, so we always have to carry a lot of fly screen accessories with us. To make sure we get your job finished on the first visit, we always carry the following fly screen fittings on board.

  • Fly screen mesh in various widths up to 1200mm wide.
  • Fly screen spline in various sizes.
  • Fly screen door closers.
  • Plastic fly screen clips.
  • Fly screen swivel clips.
  • Fly screen rollers and Fly screen door wheels.
  • Fly screen locks (Whitco fly screen door locks).
  • Security screen door locks (Whitco security screen door locks).
  • Snib Guards (Whitco lock guards).
  • Whitco security door lock cylinders.
  • Sliding fly screen latches.
  • Hinged fly screen door latches.
  • Pet proof screen mesh in various widths up to 1200mm wide.

The following list of fly screen parts need to be ordered prior to our onsite visit.

  • Fly screen dog doors
  • Fly screen door jamb
  • Fly screen window frame
  • Fly screen mesh upto 1.8m wide
  • Pet proof screen mesh upto 1.8m wide

If you require a new fly screen frame to be made, the following fly screen frame colours are available…

  • Mill or Anodized Clear
  • Mill or Anodized Bronze
  • White
  • Primrose
  • Stone Beige
  • White Birch
  • Black
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Ultra Silver

The two fly screen frame sizes we carry are…

  • 22mm x 9mm
  • 25mm x 11mm

If you require something not mentioned on here, please feel free to contact Jeremy on 0422 504 910 or use our secure Contact form on the Contact page.

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