Common Reasons to Replace Your Fly Screen

There are numerous reasons why you may need or want to replace the fly mesh in your home or office. The following are just a few of the more common.

Renewing the Look of Your Property

It’s surprising how much difference new fly mesh can make to the overall appearance of your property. We are always being told how good the new mesh we’ve just installed looks compared to the old mesh that we’ve replaced. New mesh looks great after an installation, it’s clean, darker in appearance from the outside, it’s clearer to see through from the inside and just makes your windows look refreshed.

Bleached Grey by the Suns UV

Based on our experience and talking to our clients, we know that fly mesh has a life span of about ten to fifteen years depending on how much exposure to UV light the screens get. A lot of the mesh we replace has been bleached a silvery grey color by the suns harsh UV, making the screen look old and unsightly, and although in many cases the mesh is still in tact and keeping insects out, the property owner is just tired of looking at the ugly grey screens. Once the mesh gets to this condition, it becomes brittle and will tear easily.

Landlords and Rental Properties

If you have a rental property its a good idea to replace any damaged fly mesh before the first tenant ever moves in. When starting a new rental cycle it’s a lot easier to check for damaged screens if you know there were no damaged screens prior to the first tenant ever moving in.

Tenants Moving Out

In a lot of cases rental inspections can be quite brutal if you’re a tenant, so getting any screens that have been damaged during your occupancy fixed prior to the inspection will certainly help you getting all of your bond back.

Damage from Dogs, Cats, Birds and Rodents


– Your pet dog can cause sever damage to your fly screens. Although Fido might be extremely happy to see you come home, his scratching at the front screen door will create major rips in fiberglass fly mesh. If your pet is constantly scratching at the screen door to go outside to relieve itself it might be a good time to consider getting either pet mesh or a Pet Door Installed. Click Here to find out more about our pet door installation service and pricing.


– Cats are one of the biggest culprits for damaging fly screens. Most tears in fly mesh are a result of cats climbing on the mesh, their sharp claws resulting in small tears up and down your fly screens. You can usually tell if a cat has climbed on your screen as the tear always pulls the strands of the mesh downward. The tears are also in many cases quite small but usually run the height of the screen. Paw proof Pet mesh is a great remedy to guard against cats tearing holes in your fly screens.


– Birds can often peck through fly mesh in order to feed on something inside of the window sill. In some cases a bird may even fly into the fly frame causing damage to the screen.


– Rodents are often a major problem when it comes to fly screens in semi rural areas or where their is bushland near your home. Rats, possums and mice will often wreak havoc on fly mesh ripping large holes in it. Usually in the bottom corner of doors and windows. We’ve had numerous clients install the super tough Pet proof mesh in these instances with very good results.

Why Replacing Fly Mesh with Pet Proof Mesh is a Good Idea

If you find that pets and rodents are a continuous problem and are constantly damaging the fly mesh in your home, then it might be a good idea to consider replacing the fly mesh with pet proof mesh. Click here to read more about pet proof mesh.

What to do if You Need to Replace the Mesh in Your Fly Screens

Most people don’t have the time or skill to replace the mesh in their fly screens, so it makes sense to call a professional. At Fly Screen Repair, we have the knowledge, skills and tools to do the job properly. Which means you are getting the best job possible. Doing a great job is our first and foremost goal, as we take great care and pride in our work.

When you order your fly screen repair with us, we remove your old damaged and worn out flyscreen mesh and replace it with brand new mesh, we also replace the old spline cord and clean the inside of the insect frames too*.

When you order your full-screen remeshing with us, you always get the following service included in every job…

  • Replace your old fly mesh with brand new fly mesh
  • Replace the old spline with new spline
  • Clean the inside of fly frame
  • (Optional) Replace Fly Mesh with Pet Proof Mesh

For more information about our services, including the areas we service, pricing and how we can serve you, feel free to call me, Jeremy on 0422 504 910 or contact me through our secure contact page Here.

*Cleaning the frames is done with water and only implies removing dust and dirt. Removal of stubborn stains that require the use of chemicals is not included as part of the standard remeshing service cost.